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Feel free to offer sincere criticism and honest suggestions. If you're offended by any of the sexual content, I do apologize, but I do try to warn you you before you read it. If you don't like the sexual content because you just don't like that sort of thing, sorry. If you don't like it because you think I can't write it, then I want to hear about that. I am extremely interested, too, in your opinions of my overall grasp of the characters and the general writing style.
The truth is I have written professionally before, (as in actually gotten published and paid for my trouble) but never for anything fictional. I've never tried any kind of fiction at all. I am seriously thinking as of late that I'd like to try my hand at fiction (with characters and plots of my own creation obviously) but I'm feeling very unsure of my abilities and decided I'd dip my toes in the waters by trying something like fanfic where I didn't have to come up with everything myself and could get some valuable feedback.
So please, let me know what you think, even if you hated it, but tell me why you hated it and be specific.
Thanks in advance,

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