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On this site I will be posting my own fanfic based on the tv series Space:1999, and primarily the characters of John and Helena. I'm not a newcomer to this show, or to being a fan of Barbara Bain and Martin Landau...that goes back to their Mission:Impossible days when I was six. I am however, a newbie to fanfic, so this is a new adventure. I re-edit a lot, so if you think you've already read a story, you may not have read it as it currently exists.
Please keep in mind that the stories you find here will probably never be anything but character driven. I very much enjoy and respect  sci-fi as a genre, but I make no pretentions to being a sci-fi writer. If you're looking for accuracy in your physics, check out Stephen Hawking.
These stories are only archived here and not to be used anywhere else without my permission.


I make ABSOLUTELY NO money from this site! These characters are NOT mine. I am playing with them for entertainment purposes only.*

*My site does contain presumably copyrighted materials, (i.e. photos and fictional characters)which are reproduced under the Fair Use Provision of Title 17, U.S.C. Section 107. Posted for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research. These materials are posted without any profit to me and for the benefit of those visitors who are expressing their interest in this information for research, general interest, public commentary and educational purposes.


What's New?

Part 2 of the Tapestry series is up and running. At least most of it is. It has reached a certain 'stopping point' if you will, but does not yet have the final segue to the next chapter included. That part is still being edited (in my case, re-edited for the dozenth time). It will be up in another day or two.

Several other stories have also recently been edited yet again, (Part 1 of Tapestry, all of First Time, all of TrustingLee and both parts of Something...) but the changes would probably only be noticeable to the truly OCD among you.  ; )